Sunset Heaven Ryokan
Sunset Heaven Ryokan

Welcome to Sunset Heaven Ryokan & Spa

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience, however this accommodation is not suitable for active children between 7 months to 10 years old. Thank you for understanding… FAQ (please read About age Limits)

Want to travel to Japan without a flight ticket?

Or experience heaven right here on earth?

If the answer is YES! , come to Sunset Heaven Ryokan& Spa, standing 550m above sea level in the heart of Tamborine Mountain with breathtaking view.

As soon as you set foot into Sunset Heaven Ryokan & Spa, you’ll immediately notice the delicate sound of water flowing down into Tsukubai (stone hand wash basin), which you can hear as you go over the bamboo fences of the Japanese garden and stepping stones. Take a breather in the magnificent view of the inland that spreads out in front of you – Karesansui (the Japanese rock garden) gives you the feeling that you’re right in Japan.

When you open the lattice door of the inn, arrange your shoes at the entrance, and step into the guest room, the refreshing scent of tatami mats spreads out. In front of you is a modern Japanese-style room with Tokonoma (alcove), a single log floor pillar, circular windows, and shoji screens. Enjoy the ultimate relaxing space to your heart’s content while being surrounded by the nostalgic scent of Igusa (rush).

At sunset time, you can enjoy the fantastic beauty of nature as the sun melts into the depths of the mountains. The sky changes from pale blue to dark blue, and the horizon changes from vibrant golden to orange, and you’ll forget that you are in this world during the twilight time. Makes you feel like you’re in Heaven!

After sunset, a sky full of stars appears there. The countless glittering stars are just natural planetariums. On sunny nights, especially near the new moon, the entire night sky becomes a sea of stars. Feel the eternal flow of time under all the constellations, the Milky Way, the nebulae, and the shooting stars found in the Southern Hemisphere.

As the sun rises, there is a morning mist coloured by the sunrise. After enjoying breakfast in the magnificent nature, stroll through the nearby mountains and beautiful rainforests. There are 6 trekking courses in the tambourine, so you’ll have ultimate freedom in choosing your favourite trekking course.

This ryokan is an inn where you can experience nature, the earth, and the universe with all five senses, away from the busy daily life and hustle and bustle. Why don’t you return to the origin of human beings from the bottom of your heart by putting yourself in nature and be healed by the splendour of the universe and the connection with Mother Earth?

Paradise on earth.

A place to regain inner peace.

That is Sunset Heaven Ryokan.

*Perfect for 4 friends getaway or a couples retreat.

**Unique choice for birthday girls trip, anniversary, present to parents or special loved one! Best Christmas present!!

***Accomodation entrance is different entry with my residential area with keyless by passcode. Not sharing with owner. Bedrooms, Bathroom, kitchenette are only for guests. Each bedrooms have door keys. So has privacy for you.

Spa Menu

We will use essential oils and carrier oils blended just for you and give you a therapeutic massage, and a sound vibration treatment, using Japanese singing bowls called Singing Ring®. With this treatment package, you will feel physically healed, rejuvenated and refreshed like never before!


The sauna can be heated in 30 minutes, so if there’s a vacancy, you can make a reservation on the day. It is not included in the accommodation fee, so guests can use it for an extra charge of $50 per person(+GST). It also comes with a cosy bathrobe. Outsiders (other than staying guests) will be charged $80 per person.

Event & Package

1. Sunset & Star gazing dinner & Music night on New Moon

2. Sound Healing Meditation & Spa package

3.  Music Concert lunch or tea package

4. Soba workshop & Spa package

5. Sunset Twilight spa & Dinner package


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    Our Contact Details

      Tel: 044 786 4642
      Address: Main Western Road, Mount Tamborine


    This is a great mini Japanese holiday

    We stayed for our birthday. Since pandemic, I am not able to visit Japan for 3 years. This is a great mini Japanese holiday combined with Australian nature.


    It’s must be the best in Australia
    Very wonderful place, nice landlord and good service.
    I like Japanese decorations.
    We enjoyed beautiful sunset view.
    There are Spa, suna and Japanese hot pot.
    We love mocha ice’s must be the best in Australia !!!

    Rita Shu